Free Electron Lasers

Free Electron Lasers (FEL) are unique laser sources offering extreme tunability, ranging across microwaves, to terahertz, through Infrared to the visible and even down to the UV and X-ray spectral range. Furthermore, their peak intensity can be up to ten orders of magnitude higher than conventional synchrotron radiation sources.

Due to their unique combination of power, wavelength tunability and short pulse durations, FELs allow new range of applications across multiple disciplines, for example X-ray FELs can be used in:

  • time resolved spectroscopy
  • structural analysis of biomolecule
  • investigations into extreme states of matter
  • Industrial applications such as:
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Data-storage
    • Nanotechnology
    • military applications
    • photonics industries
    • Medical (invasive and non-invasive)

At the turn of the millennium surgeons successfully demonstrated neurosurgery using FELs and more recently there has been a move to apply this technology to cosmetic medical applications eg melting fat cells without damaging overlaying skin.

Ultrafast lasers play a significant role in FEL generation, a Free Electron Laser requires an electron accelerator which is housed in a large facility. Ultrafast lasers are used to seed the FEL for photo-electron generation, and, in the individual beam lines, time resolved and interaction experiments.

Amplitude Systemes, with its unique range of ultrafast lasers has successfully installed systems into a number of European FEL facilities. Their product range offers maintenance-free industrial grade solutions able to perform 24/7 in harsh environments. With proven in-field reliability and stability; down-time is minimized, allowing researchers optimize their available beam times and data acquisition.