Amplitude finalist of Prism Awards | December 1, 2013

For a third time, Amplitude has been nominated has a finalist of the Prism Awards, for its Pulsar line of PetaWatt high energy ultrafast amplifiers.

The Prism awards are an international competition recognizing cutting-edge products that break conventional ideas and improve life through photonics.

The PULSAR PetaWatt laser system, based on the Ti:Sapphire CPA technologies, represents the state of the art technology for the high energy physics community. Laboratories studying particle acceleration for medical application and X-ray generation benefit from the highest peak intensity, with unmatched temporal contrast ratio and a user-friendly computer control system.

Pulsar PetaWatt laser


Pulsar is manufactured by our sister company, Amplitude Technologies, specialising in ultra-high energy Ti:Sapphire ultrafast lasers.

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