Amplitude Systemes and University of Bordeaux featured in Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics | June 11, 2014

Each month, the editors at the Optical Society of America select noteworthy articles from all OSA publications. Current issue features joint contribution from Amplitude Systèmes and University of Bordeaux on picosecond acoustic imaging. Applications range from industrial metrology to biological imaging.


Picosecond time resolved opto-acoustic imaging with 48 MHz frequency resolution

A. Abbas, Y. Guillet, J.-M. Rampnoux, P. Rigail, E. Mottay, B. Audoin, and S. Dilhaire

Time resolved acoustic imaging

A compact femtosecond dual-oscillator pump-probe setup with 48 MHz-repetition rate, relying on asynchronous optical sampling, is presented. The relative timing jitter between both lasers over the whole pump-probe delay range is of the order of or lower than 500 fs. We demonstrate that both a picosecond temporal resolution and a 48 MHz spectral resolution combined with the fast acquisition rate inherent to the asynchronous optical sampling allow performing broadband opto-acoustic imaging with a spectrum covering more than two decades from 300 MHz to 150 GHz. As an illustration, the opto-acoustic response of a supported thin film is investigated, revealing high frequency acoustic echoes close to the epicenter as well as low GHz surface acoustic waves propagating up to 40μm away from the epicenter. Semi-analytical calculations have been carried out and perfectly reproduce the dispersion of the surface acoustic waves experimentally observed.

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