Amplitude Systemes opens research laboratory on glass processing | November 30, 2015

Ultrafast lasers are proven to be a key technology for glass processing, combining a very high quality and processing speed. Industrial stakes are high, particularly in micro-electronics, yet the physical processes ocurring during laser-matter interaction remain complex.

Amplitude Systemes announces the opening of a research laboratory dedicated to glass processing. Under the leadership of Dr. Konstantin Mishchik, the research program aims at a deeper understanding of ultrafast laser interaction with transparent media, as well as the development of innovative industrial processes.

Dr. Mishchik, trained at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and a former postdoctoral researcher at University of Bordeaux, has authored several articles in collaboration with Amplitude Systemes.

Institut d'Optique

The new research laboratory, located in the Institut d'Optique d'Aquitaine, benefits from the proximity of the AlphaNov technology center and the University of Bordeaux.


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