New 100 W Tangor laser at Photonics West | February 5, 2016

Amplitude Systèmes will be exhibiting at BiOS and Photonics West 2016 to be held in San Francisco February 13 to 18, 2016.

Don't miss out on our new Tangor, the world's first industrial 100 W femtosecond laser. Offering exceptional flexibility, high repetition rates and high pulse energies, this platform is designed to meet industrial requirements including 24/7 operation, high yield and ultra precision manufacturing. The Tangor offers the shortest pulse duration in its class giving rise to superior processing quality.

Amplitude Systèmes will also be present on the conference floor with the following talks:

High power and high energy femtosecond lasers based on hybrid architectures
Clemens Hönninger, Julien Pouysegur, Birgit Weichelt, Martin Delaigue, Guillaume Machinet, Franck Morin, Florent Guichard, Yoann Zaouter, Marc Hanna, Frédéric Druon, Patrick Georges, Eric Mottay
15 February 2016 * 11:20 - 11:40 AM | Part of SPIE LASE

Ultrafast laser drilling of injector nozzles
Eric P. Mottay, Amélie Letan, Clemens Hönninger, Patrick Thibaut
15 February 2016 * 4:10 - 4:30 PM | Part of SPIE LASE

Engineering model for ultrafast laser microprocessing
E. Audouard, E. Mottay
16 February 2016 * 8:30 - 8:50 AM | Part of SPIE LASE

High energy pulsewidth tunable CPA free picosecond source
Julien Pouysegur, Florent Guichard, Yoann Zaouter, Marc Hanna, Frédéric Druon, Clemens Hönninger, Eric Mottay, Patrick Georges
16 February 2016 * 8:40 - 9:00 AM | Part of SPIE LASE

10µj, ultrashort sub-100 fs FCPA synthesizer
Florent Guichard, Marc Hanna, Ronic Chiche, Yoann Zaouter, Fabian Zomer, Franck Morin, Clemens Hönninger, Eric P. Mottay, Patrick Georges
18 February 2016 * 8:40 - 9:00 AM | Part of SPIE LASE

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