New Yuja femtosecond laser for cutting and deep drilling | September 28, 2016

Amplitude Systèmes extends its industrial femtosecond laser product range with the new Yuja, a versatile high energy laser especially designed for quality cutting and drilling of delicate materials. Delivering more than 100 µJ pulse energy, with a flexible repetition rate from 100 kHz to 2 MHz, the Yuja is ideally suited for the high speed drilling of various geometries that require micrometer-range accuracies. Its pulse duration of <500 fs allows for high quality processing of almost all materials with low thermal distortion and minimal heat-affected zones, reducing the number of cost-intensive post processing operations and increasing yields.

Yuja ultrafast laser

Yuja ultrafast laser

User-friendly design for easy system integration

Employing hybrid amplifier technology, the Yuja offers a high pulse energy while keeping the smallest footprint on the market. Its ergonomic design and robust architecture allow easy system integration. The state-of-the-art remote control software provides features such as remote software upgrades or remote diagnostics. “The idea was to develop an ultra-compact, high energy femtosecond laser combining ease of use and ease of integration in an industrial environment”, says Vincent Rouffiange, Vice President Sales.

Fuel injector nozzle drilling

Drilling of fuel injector nozzle

A versatile platform for high precision applications

The Yuja allows optional automated wavelength selection and processing in IR, Green and UV. Other available features include burst-mode operation or a dual output version. The femtosecond laser has been used with almost all trepanning heads on the market and has shown excellent results in high speed cutting, ablation and drilling of ruby, cutting of glass and stainless steel or fuel injection nozzles drilling. “Thoroughly tested, this platform has the potential to create truly outstanding solutions for other challenging cutting and drilling applications in the near future”, explains Eric Mottay, CEO of Amplitude Systèmes.



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