Amplitude signs contract with Fraunhofer ILT for high power ultrafast laser development | January 17, 2017

Amplitude announces the signing of a multi-year contract with Fraunhofer ILT for high power ultrafast laser development.

Ultrafast lasers are a key component of advanced manufacturing applications, enabling high precision micro-processing with extremely small feature size. Laser average power is a critical parameter for industrial throughput and productivity. Industrial markets and applications demand ever higher average power, up to the kW range.

To address this emerging need, Amplitude and Fraunhofer ILT entered into an agreement to develop new technologies and products in the multi-100 Watt range. Together, Fraunhofer ILT with its high power laser technology expertise, and Amplitude with its industrial laser development experience, are uniquely positioned to deliver novel and exciting solutions to address future industrial applications.

Prior development projects between Amplitude and Fraunhofer ILT include the introduction of one of the most innovative ultrafast lasers on the market today – Tangor 100W.  As we continue to work together, we look forward to providing industrial users with a new generation of cutting-edge high power ultrafast lasers.

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