Amplitude featured on the cover of Laser Solutions in Korea | October 12, 2018

Glass cutting applications with ultrafast lasers featured on the cover of Laser Solutions, journal of the Korean Society of Laser Processing

Laser Solutions Korea

Flexible ultrafast laser processing in LIA Today | September 4, 2018

High power industrial ultrafast lasers enable both high throughput and flexible micro-processing. New beam shaping techniques for added flexibility are presented in LIA today, the newsletter of the Laser Institute of America.

Flexible beam shaping in LIA TodayDownload the article

Amplitude Systèmes featured on La Tribune | May 16 2018

Amplitude's success is today featured in the article entitled: "Route des Lasers: Amplitude Sytèmes keeps growing." written by Pierre Cheminade, and in which he explores, on the month of anniversary of our new offices, our growth and our desire to double our staff in the next 5 years in order to reach the 100 M€ turnover (in French):

Antoine Jeandet on French National Public Radio | April 4, 2018

Antoine Jeandet, phD student with Unviersity Paris-Sud, CEA and Amplitude speaks about his research work on femtosecond laser metrology (in French)

Ultrafast lasers cut glass for consumer electronics | November 8, 2017

Vincent Rouffiange, VP Industrial Sales at Amplitude, comments in Laser Systems Europe how ultrafast lasers are used for high speed, high quality glass cutting.

Glass Cutting Amplitude LSERead the article

Beam engineering for ultrafast laser processing

Beam shaping, functionalization and handling increases quality and throughput of ultrafast laser processing, writes Amplitude CEO Eric Mottay in Industrial Laser Solutions

Beam engineering for ultrafast laser processing

Industrial Laser Solutions covers in print, digitally and online industrial laser applications, technology, and the people and companies who participat in this.


Fiber delivery for ultrafast lasers | January 17, 2017

Advances in fiber technology and scanning solutions expand ultrafast lasers applications, writes Rachel Berkowitz in Laser Systems Europe

Ultrafast laser fiber delivery

New laser for high quality cutting and drilling | January 4, 2017

Amplitude's new Yuja femtosecond laser, optimized for high quality drilling and cutting, is featured in the French industrial magazine Micronora, specialized in micro- and nano-processing applications.

Yuja laser in Micronora magazine

Entrepreneur testimony | December 12, 2016

Eric Mottay, CEO of Amplitude, gives his view about the ultrafast laser economic environment in the French magazine Photoniques.

Eric Mottay in Photonique magazineDownload pdf (in French)

Femtosecond lasers for the watchmaking industry | November 6, 2015

Femtosecond lasers overcome limitations of traditional, mechanical processing methods in the watchmaking industry.

CMM international

Read more in an article in CMM.

Ultrafast lasers for intra ocular lenses | September1, 2015

Article in DeviceMed about the growing use of ultrafast lasers for medical device manufacturing (in French).

Ultrafast lasers for IOL manufacturing


Ultrafast lasers for consumer electronics | March 26, 2015

In an article in the magazine Industrial Laser Solutions, Eric Mottay, CEO of Amplitude Systemes, describes how ultrafast lasers are changing manufacturing processes in the consumer electronics industries.

ILS March 2015
Ultrafast lasers for consumer electronics
in Industrial Laser Solutions


Amplitude on the cover of LIA Today | November 2, 2014

The cover of the Laser Institute of America's magazine feature an Amplitude laser scribing a silicon wafer, as illustration of a general technology article on wafer dicing and scribing.

LIA today cover

Femtoprint project featured on European Union web site | June 24, 2014

The next generation of 3D printers is being ushered in by the European Union (EU)-funded project FEMTOPRINT that has invented a compact printer which can generate tiny glass objects three times stronger than steel. Developed by the FEMTOPRINT team, the device is the first that can make 3D objects at both “micro” and “nano” scales.

In December 2013 the FEMTOPRINT team announced that a spin-off company of the same name had been set up in Switzerland to produce the printer for the commercial market. More info on www.femtoprint.chFemtoprint on H2020

3D printing of medical micro-systemes with ultrafast lasers | March 18, 2014

In an article in BioOptics World, Eric Mottay, CEO of Amplitude, and Dr. Yves Bellouard, Technical University Eindhoven, describe how ultrafast lasers can manufactures micro-systems and biosensors.

BioSensor for algae identification and monitoring

Biosensor for algae identification and monitoring

Read the article

Ultrafast lasers reduce post-processing steps in medical applications | December 1, 2013

The high processing quality made possible by ultrafast lasers does not require any sacrifice on industrial productivity. In addition to ever increasing processing speed, medical devices benefit from reduced post-processing stage.

More details in the December 2013 issue of Industrial Laser Solutions.

Ultrafast lasers in medical applications

Long term data storage with femtosecond lasers | August 30, 2013

The magazine Electro-Optics reports on an interesting application of ultrafast lasers, developed during the FemtoPrint European project, related to engraving of information in quartz for long term data storage. Storage capacities of 360 Terabit are foreseen.

Long term data storage with femtosecond lasers


Femtoprint project featured in Micronora magazine

Micronora is one of the main international trade fair in the field of micro-technology.

FEMTOPRINT is a European project, aiming to develop a printer for microsystems with nano-scale features fabricated out of glass.

A feature article in the Micronora information magazine details the status of the project, nearing its completion, and reviews potential applications of the technology.


Micronora magazine

Amplitude Systemes featured in Les Echos

A feature article in the main French economics daily details how "Amplitude Systemes sells light" and develops new applications.


Amplitude Systemes vend de la lumière

Amplitude Systemes featured in La Tribune

Amplitude Systèmes features among the 30 most innovative companies within the Aquitaine region, in an article in La Tribune, the french economics weekly paper.

Ultrafast laser technology featured in Electro Optics magazine

Vincent Rouffiange, Vice President Sales for Amplitude Systèmes, gives his take on the future of ultrafast laser technology in the December 2012 issue of Electro Optic magazine.
Electro Optic article

Femtoprint micro-actuator featured in Physics today | September 13, 2012

The FemtoPrint project, supported by the European Union, aims to develop a 3D printer for the realisation of multifunctions glass micro and nano-systems combining optics, mechanics, fluidics on a single substrate. A vivid example of the potential of this technique is demonstrated by FemtoPrint researcher Yves Bellouard, from the University of Eindhoven, and is featured in Physics Today.

FemtoPrint actuator

The FemtoPrint technology was applied to the manufacturing of a transparent micro-actuator, an important component in many opto-mechanical systems.

Read the article

Ultrafast Lasers in Medical Applications featured in LIA today | March 14, 2012

Ultrafast lasers have come a long way since the time they were sophisticated research tools. Today, they are used in a variety of industrial environments, in fields as diverse as the semiconductor and display industries, as well as automotive, pharmaceutical and photovoltaics industries. But ultrafast lasers are changing our lives in a growing number of medical applications.

Read the article

LIA TODAY is a full-color newsletter that is published 6x per year. It includes articles on the latest industry news to keep members and other laser professionals current on important issues that impact the laser community.


Ultrafast Lasers in Medical Device Manufacturing in Industrial Laser Solutions | March 10, 2012 Download the article

Medical devices are high value added products that have stringent requirements in terms of quality and very often require challenging industrial manufacturing processes. For these reasons, ultrafast lasers are gaining significant implementation in medical device manufacturing.

Industrial femtosecond lasers in Laser Systems Europe Download the article

Industrial-grade femtosecond lasers are now available, but do they offer any significant advantages over their picosecond rivals? asks Greg Blackman from Laser Systems Europe.

Anticounterfeiting applications featured in LIA Today | October 15, 2011 Download the article

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