Amplitude Systemes and Institut d'Optique open joint research laboratory | March 21, 2012

Amplitude Systemes and Laboratoire Charles Fabry of Institut d'Optique announce the opening of a joint research laboratory. Named DEFI, this new lab will pursue innovative ideas and technologies related to advanced diode-pumped ultrafast lasers.

Two leading teams in ultrafast lasers.

Located within the Institut d’Optique in Palaiseau, DEFI brings together personnel and equipment from Amplitude Systemes and Laboratoire Charles Fabry. About 10 researcher will engage in research and technology development on some of the highest performance lasers worldwide.

- The Laboratoire Charles Fabry has been developing for many years new laser sources, using different laser media : Crystals, optical fibers, semi-conductors,…  The group’s expertise in laser physics, non linear phenomena and ultrafast optics has resulted in new laser architectures, particularly related to diode-pumped ultrafast lasers.

- Amplitude Systemes, located in Bordeaux, in close proximity to the University campus diode-pumped ultrafast solid-state lasers for scientific and industrial applications. Taking advantage of extensive development in the field of laser materials and ultrafast technology, Amplitude Systemes offers compact, reliable and cost-efficient high performance ultrafast lasers.

A history of collaboration.

Amplitude Systemes and Laboratoire Charles Fabry have been working closely together since 2006 to develop Ytterbium ultrafast lasers. This partnership has already demonstrated several world-class results : Shortest duration from oscillators and regenerative amplifiers, sub-100 fs high energy fiber lasers, femtosecond laser coherent combining, etc.

A common objective : Innovative laser systems

The DEFI laboratory will work from emerging concept to prototype for the next generation of ultrafast lasers. This process will strengthen Amplitude Systemes technological leadership and provide the Laboratoire Charles Fabry with the industrial resources and expertise of the company.

Ultrafast lasers are enabling components for many applications, in rapidly developing markets :

-       Eye surgery

-       Cellular imaging

-       Advanced micromachining, from semi-conductor and electronics to anticounterfeiting applications.

-       Particle acceleration, with emerging applications in high energy physics and medical therapeutics (laser protontherapy for cancer treatment).

-       Secondary sources and attosecond science.


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