Intraocular implants manufactured with ultrafast lasers | September 14, 2012

At the upcoming ICALEO conference, which will take place September 24-28 in Anaheim, California, Amplitude Systèmes will present recent work regarding the use of ultrafast lasers for the manufacturing of intraocular implants.

Intra-ocular implants are used after cataract surgery to restore the accomodation power in patients. Implants are sophisticated parts, requiring a precise manufacturing process.

The cutting was previously made with traditional mechanical micro-machining, but this process lead to two major drawbacks. The first one comes from the softness of the material, which requires the implant to be cooled down to -10°C to maintain the necessary hardness for reaching high cutting precisions. The second one was the creation of shavings all around the implant which had to be removed by a cleaning step to ensure that no shavings could irritate the patient eyes.

Intraocular implant, courtesy PhysiolIntra-ocular implant, courtesy Physiol

A new cutting process using a femtosecond laser and a 3D micromachining head, producing very sharp edges, without any heat affected zone, burr, or shaving, and decreasing the process tim by a factor of two.

This work was carried out in collaboration with Belgian companies Physiol and Lasea.

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