Amplitude Technologies

Our sister company, Amplitude Technologies, specializes in ultra-high energy Ti:Sapphire ultrafast lasers.

Amplitude Technologies is the only company to provide PetaWass class laser systems with guaranteed specifications. The modular design of the laser, the variety of diagnostic tools, and the sophisticated design offers maximum performance and flexibility to our users.

A pioneering company

2015: 50W Satsuma HP3  femtosecond fiber laser

2013: High energy fiber delivery of femtosecond laser

2012: Satsuma fiber laser wins Prism Award for best industrial laser
2011: Tangerine fiber laser nominated at Prism Awards, industrial lasers
2008: Compact fiber laser
2007 : High power fiber laser

2006 : Amplified, high energy, femtosecond laser

2005 : First diode-pumped microjoule oscillator

2004 : First diode-pumped laser Ytterbium amplified at high speed (100 kHz).

2003 : First Ytterbium femtosecond diode-pumped oscillator of high energy (> 200 nJ).

2002 : First amplified diode-pumped laser Ytterbium. First system tunable laser infraredmultiphoton microscopy.

2001 : First femtosecond high energy Ytterbium oscillator diode-pumped.