Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical devices, such as implants, surgical tools, or advanced devices require advanced manufacturing processes: A small change in surface texture, dimensions and shape can significantly affect their performance.

For the most demanding applications, ultrafast lasers offer unmatched benefits: They can process virtually any material without any heat dissipation, and therefore with an extremely high accuracy and quality. They are now available with a high average power for high productivity, and excellent industrial reliability. 

Among typical applications, we can cite the manufacture of a new generation of bioresorbable, nitinol or polymer coronary stents, fine processing of catheters, or surfact texturing of bio-implants.

New applications are being actively developed, in the field of nano-structuring or advanced additive manufacturing.

Amplitude Systemes offers a complete range of ultrafast lasers, with the optical performances and industrial reliability required for this demanding field. Feasibility studies and process development can also be performed in our application laboratory.

Amplitude Systemes: Qmed Qualified Supplier