Ultrafast lasers for stent manufacturing | July, 19 2011

The s-Pulse HP series from Amplitude Systemes (Bordeaux, Fr) are designed to process medical devices such as stents, percutaneous valves, catheters or even electrodes. They cut cobalt-chrome and nitinol stents as well as polymer stents with no heat effects and thus no changes in material properties. As a result the shape-memory capacity of the alloy will remain unchanged.

The s-Pulse HP series generate ultra-short pulses under 500 femtoseconds enabling the processing of stents and brain micro stents without any burrs, recasting or micro-cracking. The stent keeps all its original properties such as radial strength and the ability to twist itself inside the coronary arteries.
The s-Pulse HP series are versatile equipments offering with the same laser high energy capabilities (up to 2mJ) for thick stents but also high repetition rate (up to 300 kHz) for high cutting speed.

This technology strongly improves the throughput in stent manufacturing by reducing post processing.
The s-Pulse HP series are available with infra-red, green and UV output.
Additional lasers in Amplitude Systemes’ product range include Tangerine and Satsuma ultrafast fiber lasers.

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