System Integrators

The successful deployment of a new industrial application requires a close partnership between system integrator and laser manufacturer. Amplitude Systemes has qualified leading system manufacturers worldwide. Our product range and design procedure are optimised with the industry in mind:

Small footprint, air-cooled
Amplitude Systemes' technological advance does not extend only to laser specifications. Advanced engineering and thermal management allows to offer the smallest laser footprint in the industry. All our systems require only minimal heat dissipation, with air-cooling capabilities. They are lightweight, enabling their use in small spaces, on gantries, or other demanding environments.
Air cooled Satsuma
Air-cooled ultrafast laser

Advanced software interface

Our software use standard industrial protocols and can either be tailored or specially developed for a specific application. All low level commands are available for our industrial customers. The end-user software has both an easy to use interface and an advanced configuration mode, for diagnostic and service.


Industrial environment
All lasers are qualified using rigorous vibration and temperature cycling tests. Tests include temperature cycling between 10°C and 50°C. Vibration test include 3 axis vibrations and shock tests according to international norms and regulations. EMC testing is performed according to EU and U.S. regulations.
EMC laser testing
EMC testing

Commitment to quality
Manufacturing and product development are conducted under a strong quality system: Amplitude Systemes is the only ultrafast alser company who is both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. All renewal certifications audit have confirmed the strong commitment of eveyone in the company to a high quality manufacturing environment.

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