Internal engraving

Product trademark recognition, traceability induced by standard and anti-counterfeiting solution are essential for modern manufacturing methodologies. Internal laser marking of transparent materials is an attractive solution for a variety of applications. However, in a first generation of laser systems, the pulse duration of the marking laser is long enough to thermally generate micro-cracks in the material, detrimental to the quality, minimum size and long term structure of the code. 

Femtosecond laser concentrate the enegy in such a short pulse duration that heat cannot be transferred to the surrounding material. The marking process then becomes truly athermal, and micro-cracks cannot develop.

In partnership with several european companies, Amplitude Systèmes offers a complete laser system for internal marking and engraving of glass and transparent materials. Using a new generation femtosecond laser, the system exhibits high marking quality, small code size and industrial productivity.

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