Amplitude Systemes' ultrafast oscillators have been the first commercial lasers to take full advantage a new class of laser materials, using Ytterbium as dopant.

Ytterbium doped laser materials can be directly diode-pumped, thus eliminating the need for an intermediate pump laser used in traditional Titanium:Sapphire lasers. They also offer a number of attractive properties, such as a very high thermal efficiency, and the capability to generate femtosecond pulses with a high average power.

The result is a family of compact and reliable lasers, with high average power, exceptional energy per pulse and excellent pulse-to-pulse stability.

The Mikan model is an ultra-compact, air-cooled femtosecond oscillator.

Available with picosecond or femtosecond regime, compatible with a wide range of extensions for added flexibilities, the t-Pulse and Mikan series of ultrafast oscillators will meet even the most demanding needs.


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