Nano Surgery

Laser nano dissection is a powerful technique to access cellular properties down to a sub-micrometer scale. Laser nano dissection can be applied both in vitro and in vivo.

Laser nano dissection takes advantage of the very precise and axially-confined nature of femtosecond ablation to achieve unprecedented resolution. For nano-surgery, peak power is crucial. Mikan and Goji, with their higher energy per pulse are ideal sources. With repetition rate flexibility, Goji allows to precisely control the nano-surgery / photoablation process and minimize collateral damages due to heat dissipation in the tissues.

Example.: "A two-tiered mechanismfor stabilization and immobilizationof E-cadherin", Nature, vol 453, June 2008

photo-disruption of the actin network within the cell membrane with an infared ultrafast laser, courtesy Institut Fresnel and IBDM