Fiber amplification has been widely recognized as an attractive technology to achieve high optical power. There are two key features in employing the fiber as the amplifier medium. Beam guiding in the fiber core leads to an exceptional spatial beam quality. Furthermore our system allows us to extract high average power thanks to efficient heat dissipation through the fiber periphery.

Until recently, the main challenge in the development of ultrafast fiber lasers has been the confinement of the laser beam in the fiber core, limiting the output pulse energy.

Thanks to groundbreaking patented technological advances in fiber design and amplifier technology, Amplitude Systemes offers ultrafast fiber lasers with high average power, as well as high output energy.

Tangerine offers the highest pulse energy available today from a fiber laser. With more than 200 µJ of pulse energy, 35 W average power, femtosecond or picosecond regime, it is the perfect system for  research and industrial applications.


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